Listening To The ‘Heathers: The Musical’ Soundtrack… | Song Review

I love how I keep making posts that no one cares about lol.

So, I watched Heathers the other week, which is such a fucked up movie but it’s such a good movie at the same time. Winona Ryder is such a timeless actress. I basically loved this movie, but I’m kinda annoyed that they’re making a modern TV version, because bringing something like that in to 2018 is just calling for controversy. Solid 8/10 if you don’t think about how offensive and messed up it was. It was 1989, people! And I lowkey think I’m in love with JD which says a lot about me that I already knew but is very fucking alarming.


There’s also a musical version in the West End starring Carrie Hope Fletcher this year, which I really really want to watch but oh well. :/ But I heard that the soundtrack is bomb AF, so I decided to react to it because, as always, I need new music, and I haven’t posted in a while. So!

  • Beautiful

Good intro song with a lot of exposition 😉 *thumb up* Amazing vocals, I can already tell from this, that it’s kinda different from the original. Oh, boy. It’s like half song/half dialogue and I can’t tell what I think about it. It’s basically the backstory we never had… and didn’t need lol. 7/10

  •  Candy Store

Okay, wow, so sassy, I love. Again, vocals are off the charts and very musical-esque which I also love. We’re gonna ignore the use of the word p*ssy because I hate that word so much, as this song is so good and catchy and I just love it. 8/10

  • Fight For Me

Lol, Bohemian Rapsody vibes, off the bat. I think this is when Veronica first meets JD? Very slow, it’s nice I guess. 80s vibes for sure. Lol, whenever I think the beat is gonna pick up, the tune changes. Eh, it’s okay. 6/10

  • Freeze Your Brain

OMG, it’s a JD song. Oh. My. Days. They have a whole song about the slushy scene, what?? That’s such an odd thing to make a song about. I guess the scene was pretty cute, though. Vocals, hello! Damn son! Okay, JD’s backstory about his mum. Honestly, I was looking at a 5/6 until those vocals hit. 7/10

  • Big Fun

80s, hello. Oh, this is Kurt and Ram. 😕 This has to be the party scene. Super boppy. To be honest, the backing vocals make it for me. Watch how I sing “Big fun, big fun!” Out of nowhere, lol. Okay, they bigged up the note thing. Eh, it’s a musical, what did I expect? OKAY, I JUST HEARD “CHING CHANG CHINGITY CHANG CHOOWOP” from You’re The One I Want from Grease (fave musical, I can’t lie), or I really am going deaf. 7/10

  • Dead Girl Walking / (Reprise)

Ooh, we’re going dark now? Okay, I think Heather Chandler has died? Or Veronica is planning her death? I can’t tell. Oh… it’s about Heather and Veronica’s fight. And Veronica and JD having sex, okay, cool then. But, why is Veronica going to JD’s room instead of vice versa, how it was in the movie? That takes away from his original creepiness, ugh. The reprise is good juxtaposition to the original, and I love it just as much. OOH, it’s the boiler room scene, yes! 7/10

  • Me Inside Of Me

Okay, this is after Heather C’s murder, Ronnie is writing her suicide note. Why is it slow and sad? It should be fast-paced and tense. Lol, they included the myriad thing. The lyrics do not suit the song, which I guess is the theme of the musical in general. You know, I’m still confused how Veronica never got clocked, like ?? YES, they’re quoting the movie! 6/10

  • Blue

I’m guessing it’s about Veronica, as blue is her signature colour. OKAY EW NOT WHAT IT WAS ABOUT! OMG NO I HATE THESE LYRICS! BUT THE SONG JUST HAS TO BE GOOD! Just listen to it, and you’ll know exactly why I’m like ugh. XS 4/10

  • Our Love Is God

JD planning Kurt and Ram’s murders, okay. Another slow song, alright. Oh, my days, don’t give JD unnecessary sympathy, to make his actions okay. YASS, THEY PLAYED ON THE ICONIC “chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling”. So many iconic lines, man. As usual, amazing vocals, I can’t get over. Oh the infamous “ich lug” bullets. Lol, JD’s history isn’t even correct, I can’t believe Veronica believed him. 6/10

  • My Dead Gay Son

Oh, boy. At least there were signs of LGBT+ approval in the late 80s, even though they were scared about AIDS and shit. *rolls eyes* This song is way too upbeat. 5/10

  • Seventeen / (Reprise)

Wow, this song is so beautiful. Never thought I would say that about a song from this musical, lol. This is the one thing missing from the OG movie, a scene of Veronica properly talking to JD about his problems. The reprise is just as nice (well slightly less as good as the orignal) but it reminds me of what happened to JD, and considering I’m lowkey in love with the sociopath, it still upsets me. CoNtRaVeRsAl, but I genuinely think JD had feelings for Veronica, he was just too messed up to love her properly. An actual tear-jerker. :’)

  • Shine A Light / (Reprise)

Ew. Miss Fleming. Enough said. 3/10

  • Lifeboat

Tense. It’s decent, I guess. I’m not sure what part of the movie this is about. I don’t even know who sings this, might be Heather McNamara. 4/10

  • Kindergarten Boyfriend

I think this is before Martha’s attempted suicide. This may or may not be about Ram, which was not insinuated in the movie, at least for me, so. *shrugs* it might be added to the musical, for extra drama and sympathy. 5/10

  • Yo Girl

Hmm… I don’t know how I feel about this. Oh, this must be Heather C, Ram and Kurt as ghosts in Ronnie’s head. Nice touch. Lol, when Veronica realises that JD is loco. I gotta say, whoever is playing Veronica in these audios sounds very eerily similar to Winona Ryder in the movie and I’m living for it. 6/10

  • Meant To Be Yours

Okay, the bomb plan. JD just went crazy here, and I was lowkey living for it. Damn… “tonight our school is Vietnam”… ah. Ronnie’s fake suicide was so smart, love that. I’m also living for this dark humour, lol. Standard for me. : )

  • I Am Damage

Woah, this is like another Seventeen / Love Is God Reprise. Aw, this is so sad man, this scene got me good. JD might have been my favourite character, and it just hurt to see him blow himself up. 😦 Lol “say hi to God”. That was cold, Ronnie. 9/10, purely as an RIP to JD (even though the actor who played him says that JD didn’t die, but for the sake of it, let’s say he did).

Oh yeah, apparently Yellow Sound Label owns the music, so there you go!

If you haven’t watched Heathers, the movie, definitely do. It’s so good, but you might have to stop being a moraled millennial for a few hours. And if you get a chance to watch the musical, don’t tell me or I will get extremely jealous! Just Kidding! Kinda. 🙂

Is Sierra Burgess Is A Loser low-key messed up? | Movie Review

Before I begin, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge all the people we lost 17 years ago today due to the 9/11 attacks. May they always be in our prayers. ❤


Long story short: yes. Very – fucking – much so.

I can’t lie, I enjoyed the movie. A lot. But I hate that I did. It was a good movie and I’m happy that I watched it, but I would never watch it again. I went in to this movie not really knowing what I was expecting, but I knew Sierra was going to end up with Jamey. But I didn’t like that. This movie is romanticising cat-fishing and I’m not happy about that. They try to use insecurity as an excuse but for a girl who has the same insecurities as Sierra, it’s not making me feel any better, the movie basically implying that if you’re not happy with the way you look, then pretend to be someone else. Yes, it was an accident but as soon as Sierra knew it was an accident, it no longer was one. Fair enough if the writer wants to make the character go down that road, but don’t give her a happy ending! Have you never watched Catfish?! That’s not real life, but some unfortunate sucker is going to watch this movie and decide to COMMIT A CRIME to find love in a hopeless place. If Jamey was real, he probably would’ve called the police on both Sierra and Veronica. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THIS MOVIE. Sierra kisses Jamey. Without. His. Consent. *blinks* WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Double Standard, much? I’m just so happy that people are taking notice of this, demolishing the double standard. There’s also a lot of slurs against Sierra and jokes that are making fun of lesbians and trans-gendered people, which is not fucking okay.

Other than all that, I loved the movie. Good production, good actors – obviously Noah, but also Shannon Purser who I know as Ethel Muggs from Riverdale and Barb Holland from Stranger Things – and a fairly good script. I’m also obsessed with Dan (we all know how much I love the best friend characters) who is portrayed by RJ Cyler, of which I remember as Billy Cranston from Power Rangers. Funnily enough, Dacre Montgomery played Jason Lee Scott in Power Rangers, but was also Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things which, again, is where Shannon got her big debut. Small world, huh? ^.^

This was more of a rant than a review but I just started sixth form and I’ve been kinda busy, plus my mental state isn’t in the mood to make a proper review, especially since I don’t agree with the way this movie portrays cat-fishing and all the overlooked homophobia/trans-phobia, so I really don’t recommend it to anyone that has morals, otherwise go ahead, its a really well produced movie with amazing actors and actresses whom I love.

And yeah, that’s all from me, really. *shrugs*

Love and Politics

“Order, order in my court!” Judge Graystone struck her gavel, causing the courtroom to hush instantly.

“Your Honor, this isn’t necess-“

“I think I’m capable of making my own judgement, thank you Mr. Dawson. I believe you’re in no position to be making comments right now.” She quipped.

She was right, as he had just been fired from Lionel-Barker only a few days prior. It was all his fault really, but all he wanted to do was help. That’s why he became a lawyer. All he ever wanted to do was help.

“But if you would just, please-“

“I suggest you take a seat, Guiesse, before I kick you out of my courtroom. You’re lucky you’re not on the stand yourself.” She spoke with edge, causing him to back down.

He turned to Angeline and Delorian, his eyes filled with fear and frustration, before he reluctantly took a seat.

Angeline offered him a faint smile, while Delorian could barely look at him.

“Now.” Judge Graystone began, reading through the briefs. “It says here this is a case of a longliver/shortliver relationship.” She peered over her glasses. “Care to elaborate?”

“Yes, Your Honor,” Geremy Bravermier stood up timidly. It was his first big courtcase. He didn’t want to mess it up. “Um, Angeline Glassman and Delorian Carter. Both 25-“

“Which is which?” Graystone enquired, making Geremy look down guiltily.

“Angeline is the longliver, and Delorian is the shortliver.”

There was a slight pause before she told him to, “Proceed.”

He nodded awkwardly. “Right. Angeline and Delorian have known each other since they were kids. Since they were extremely young.”

“Objection!” Faythe Bloomson jumped up. “Relevance?”

“Backstory.” Geremy short back, his jaw tight. He really didn’t like Faythe. She always one upped him in everything they did. Not this time.

“Continue.” Judge Graystone permitted.

“Your Honor, it’s natural for two people who have known each other for so long, to fall in love. We can’t punish them for something so natural.”

“Objection!” Faythe input again. “There’s nothing natural about a shortliver and a longliver being together.”

“What are you?”

Faythe looked at Judge Graystone quizzically. “What?”

“What are you, a longliver or a shortliver?” She elaborated, her eyes watching Faythe calculatingly.

Faythe straightened up with pride. “A longliver, of course.”

“See that!” Geremy pointed in Faythe’s direction. “That is the longliver mentality of being superior than the shortlivers. That’s what’s causing this division. People like her are the problem!”

“Typical shortliver, bitter for being the lesser race.” Faythe snarked.

“Hey, there’s no difference between us and them.” Guiesse interjected, causing everyone to turn his way. “All we have is semi-immortality. And guess what? It’s gonna suck. It’s gonna suck seeing everyone die around you while you’re still here, wishing that you were one of them!”

Faythe’s eyes lit up. “Aha! That further proves my point, Your Honor, that this relationship cannot work! Delorian will die years before Angeline. Do you believe that’s fair?”

“I for one believe in freedom of choice.” Geremy answered. “Angeline and Delorian have decided to be together, and that’s their choice. Are we forgetting our basic human rights?”

“Alright, I will have order in my court!” Judge Graystone demanded, everyone’s eyes falling on her.

She took in a deep breath. “After much deliberation, I have decided that… a law is a law. I’m sorry, but I cannot allow this relationship to proceed any further.”

The courtroom erupted in to mixed reactions. Angeline clung to Delorian who hugged her tightly as she wept.

“I said, order!” She banged her gavel once more.

“What about the baby?”

Everyone turned their attention to Guiesse in shock, whispers flying around the room.

“The what?” Graystone asked, gravely.

Guiesse moved to the middle of the courtroom. “Angeline is pregnant with Delorian’s baby.”

Geremy turned to Faythe. “How’s that for a plot twist?”

Listening To The ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Soundtrack… | Song Review

Before I get in to this, I just wanted to clarify that – if you haven’t read my sixth form post – I’ve been going through a depression lately mainly due to how results day went and the anxiety of starting sixth form, but that’s besides the point. The main point is, one huge way that can get me out of a depression (don’t ask how this works, I don’t know it just does) is to cut and colour my hair. Ever since I was 13 and ombre-d my long black hair, I can never go back to normal black hair. I’ve always half dyed my hair various colours: red, purple, green, red again, purple again and pink. It makes me happy, I don’t know why. Long story short, as of today, my long pink and gold hair now barely passes my shoulders and is blue and green. People always say to me, what’s the point in dyeing your hair if no-one’s going to see it (because I wear a hijab), but I actually like that. First off, I don’t get in trouble at school, and second, I find it so amusing that a stranger on the street could look at me in a black hijab and have no idea that I’ve got a head of blue hair under there. The whole purpose of this paragraph was so I could tell you that I now have cool blue hair. 😛


Back when I did my review on TATBILB, I saw another review by Sumedha – which is wayyy better than mine damn – and she mentioned to me that I should listen to the soundtrack. So… I decided that I would listen to the soundtrack and react to it for you, because I want to and I need new music lol. I haven’t even heard of any of these songs, apart from one – which I won’t react to, its from the trailer – and loved that one so I have high hopes. LOL, I’m acting like I didn’t watch the movie that the soundtrack comes from, but let’s be real, no one remembers songs from the soundtrack of movies unless they knew the song prior or the artist. I literally just looked up the soundtrack and I’m gonna search the songs on YouTube, so here goes:

  • Daydreams – The Velveteins

Okay, so, its alright. The actual song is pretty vibe-y and it does grow on you, but I’m sorry, the lead singer’s voice is not for me. I know that’s an actual style of singing but  I really didn’t enjoy it. I understand this was used as an instrumental when they dropped Margot at the airport, and I much prefer it as an instrumental. 5/10

  • Chinatown – Wild Nothing

I love how the beat drops at the start. Again, like above, its very vibe-y (which is clearly the tone for this movie) The vocals are a softer version of the above singing style, which I actually like very much. Quite upbeat and sway-y.  A bop, if I do say so myself 🙂 8/10

  • Human Right  – The Strike

Instantly reminded me of Another One Bites The Dust by Queen, lol. Love the beat change. This was during the flashback to Lara Jean and Lucas dancing at the dance, which fits perfectly. Has 80s vibes, kinda, but the flashback would’ve been from 2014 (or if you wanna go by book terms, only 2010. Oh well, no one said they couldn’t play that kinda music decades later. Its probably not even an 80s song. But, I digress 7/10

  • G O O D – Erin McCarley

Very different to the other songs I’ve listened to so far, but absolutely love. Its something I would normally listen to. Fucking love the drums and vocals in this, hell yes! There’s a really high-pitched sound that I can’t pinpoint what instrument it is, but it Loki gets annoying after a while lol. 9/10

  • Groove To The Beat – Keith And Ken

Back to the vibe-y stuff. This song is from back in 1963, which I love. I mean, its a bit repetitive with the lyrics and actual melody, which gets kinda boring after while, but its actually decent. 5/10

  • Little Miss Sunshine – Caleb Hawley

Loved the start, but the change in melody was kinda annoying. The chorus gets better. Of course, vibe-y and Loki a bop. Good vocals. Good drums. Yeah. 6/10

  • Drunk – Anteros

Very rock, which I love. Nice voice. Definitely something I would listen to, killer drums, but kinda overpowering. A sway-er and a bopper. That French or Spanish, idk, came out of nowhere but I’m not mad at it. 8/10

  • Boyfriend – CONFIDENCE MAN

No. 2/10

  • Gum (Everybody’s My Friend) – Oyster Kids

Me likey. I’ve literally just been repeating myself this whole time, but most of these songs are very similar so, can you blame me? A huge bop, wow, I can’t stop bopping, oh my. It’s a foot-tapper too, both feet damn. 8/10

  • Beautiful – Viigo

Okay start. Building up? Yes! Eh, it’s decent. Was not expecting those vocals, what. The vocals were meh but they’re growing on me. VIBE. Y. 7/10

  • Lovers – Anna Of The North

OKAY WE ALL REMEMBER THIS SONG BECAUSE ITS THE HOT TUB SCENE and I’m so happy I found it. Such. A. Good. Song. GOSH. Gets stuck in my head all the time. 9/10

  • When I Dance With You – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

OMG this song is so cute, LOVE. Vocals could do with some work lol. Not my thing, as we clarified, but its kinda growing on me. 8/10

  • Cool Out – Mathew E White ft. Natalie Prass

Loved this song. I like the contrast in vocals between the two. Wow, melody change, hello. Okay, back. It’s taking a while to the chorus lol, what? Another melody change. Is there a chorus? Okay, here it is, finally! Such a nice song to end with, before the credit song which is above. 7/10

  • Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears

This is the song that Lara Jean’s mum would listen to over and over. I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t a huge fan during the movie and I’m not a huge fan now. 😕 I guess the chorus gets kinda better, actually. 6/10

  • Video Child – Many Voices Speak

Good start. Nice build with the drums (lol, idk if you can tell that I’m obsessed with drums). Gorgeous vocals, oh my! Very calm and nice to listen to. The drums are so gentle, love that. Waiting for the chorus… is that a trumpet? The chorus is bloody heavenly, what?! I’m obsessed, I could either cry or fall asleep – in a good way, AH! 9/10

There’s like wayyy more, but if I did them all this post would be the length of a novel, might do a part 2 if I feel like it. Comment if you’d want that. By the way, I will rarely give a 10/10 lol, I’m a harsh critic. *shrugs*

To conclude, this soundtrack mainly consists of vibe-y, indie alternative songs which goes with the tone of the movie pretty well, I guess. I don’t think its what most people my age listen to – I don’t listen to mainstream music, FOB, Panic!, MCR WYA?! But I also love me some Ed Sheeran and Adele lol – but its still got some really good songs, from what I’ve heard so far.

Ayt, now I gotta go permanently delete that Boyfriend song from my mind! *peace sign*

Everything Happens For A Reason…

(Edit: This was meant to go up yesterday but I fell asleep ’cause I had a stomach ache and then I went shopping with my friend this morning, came home, fell asleep, woke up with a huge headache, still have a huge headache, feel kinda sick and hungry at the same time, and now here I am, finishing this off. Fun *thumbs up*)

(Edit 2.0: Okay so this was meant to go up last week but, I don’t know, I’ve been in a bit of a depressive state ever since results day. I don’t know why though, as you will know more about from the post below, NOW I’m actually really happy results day went the way it did. But I know when I’m going through a depressive state – haven’t had one in a while – and results day could be the only trigger. I don’t have bi-polar disorder, by the way, not that I know of because I’m too scared to go to a psychiatrist. But, I digress. So, aside from being sick, I just haven’t been in the mood to post but I’m FORCING myself to because I actually really like this post.)


That might sound like an overexcite, but the way I was feeling last night (Results-day night), I thought I never would. I don’t think I ever felt so dumb in my life, but little did I know, that those horrific grades were my angels in disguise.

Because I didn’t go to induction week, due to me being at NCS for a month (post coming up at some point) my second choice of sixth form emailed me saying I couldn’t come in on results day, but had to come in the day after. So, Thursday night I could barely sleep. Greek, my other friend that I’m gonna call Darank (inside joke), and I went to this second-choice of sixth form on the Friday morning. I felt so sick I couldn’t eat breakfast. (A symptom of depression is when you don’t eat/forget to eat, which I’ve been doing this past week and if you know me, you know I never forget to eat. Mainly due to, when I was growing up, my mum’s main way of looking after my siblings and me is by asking herself two questions: are we safe? And, have we eaten? So, I’m usually very conscious of whether I’m eating right throughout the day. Lol, literally no one cares about that. Moving on…)

We get to this school and as soon as we enter the gates I see one of my ‘friends’ (lol we do streaks, does that count as friendship?) leaving and he tells us that he just enrolled. I’m thinking, okay, this dude isn’t that far off me with grades so hopefully they’ll take me. As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m slightly under their requirements, but you gotta hope for the best, right?

I just know I didn’t want to go to the school that everyone was going to. Not because it’s bad, even though it has a bad rep, its actually a really good school, but because the people who go there are NOT serious. AT ALL. And I can not work in that environment or I won’t be serious myself, and I’m not about to have a repeat of GCSE Results day for A Levels. Plus, everyone I know is going there. There are a lot of people from my school going to the sixth form I was trying to enrol at, but they were people I never really spoke to. I wanted to go to a sixth form where I could meet new people, and they were like meeting new people with familiar faces.

Oh, not to mention, my neighbour has enrolled at this school too, and its unnecessarily freaking me out. But, I’ll elaborate on that later.

There’s a decently-sized line leading out of the office, which takes a hot minute to get to the front of, but I do, eventually. They asked if I had an offer, I said yes, I gave them my results, held my goddamn breath, the receptionist photocopied it, attached an enrolment form and sent me upstairs. Then began the waiting.

We waited for, I think 3-4 hours, and boiiiiiiiii. Longest 3 hours of my life.

I hadn’t really given this sixth form a thought, my mind being stuck on the other prestigious one I was originally planning to go to. I hadn’t even searched the website or looked at the specification or really know anything about the school.

Luckily, a girl who I had known since year 7 but never really spoke to, imma call her Cat (totally random lol) knew people who went to the school and was informing us about everything. Apparently the school is paperless?? The students have to bring in a device that’s sustainable to do work on either everyday or most days. The dress code is smart casual but you can wear whatever colours you want. It’s basically a really modern (it fully only opened last year, there’s not even a year 13 yet – the year 12s are gonna be year 13s in September) The more I heard about the school the more I wanted to go there. That, and because I was desperate.

Now, the school had originally offered me the 3 A Levels: Psychology, English Literature, and Sociology. The first thing Greek noticed is that they took Sociology off of the syllabus. She flipped. Sociology is the one subject she was dying to do at sixth form, so she immediately said she was out. She was trying to pick between this sixth form and a sixth form that was 5 minutes away, so this made the decision for her.

I was kinda sad that we wouldn’t be going to the same school anymore, but I was kinda relieved too as I’ve always felt like I was kind of in her shadow, which is mainly due to my anxiety so I knew these two years apart would do me some good. Also, its not like I couldn’t see her. Her school was literally 5 minutes away.

I changed Sociology to Drama (even though I didn’t get the grade I needed), and carried on waiting my turn.

EVENTUALLY… my number was called up. I don’t know what it is, but as soon as he called my number, I had all the confidence in the world. I grinned, shook his hand, asked how his day was, the whole shebang.

We sat down, and before he looked at my results, he asked what subjects I wanted to do. I relayed them to him, and he said he was happy to give me a place in Psychology as I had exceeded the requirements, and he was even  happy to give me Drama although I didn’t get the required grade. He said it was because I seemed to show a passion for it, I don’t know how though, but I think its ’cause they had a lot of spaces to fill up as Drama has never been a popular choice with my year group.

However, came the part I wasn’t expecting. He said he couldn’t offer me English Literature because there were no spaces left. My jaw dropped. (Mind you, at this time I had completely forgotten to mention that they had OFFERED me a space in that subject, so it should be reserved for me, right? Funnily enough, now I’m kind of glad I did, more on that later.)

He told me that he would put a note on my application to keep me in consideration if someone decides to drop out of Lit, but there was no guarantee. I thought about it for a second, and realised that I wasn’t even upset. Me, the girl who was in love with English, wasn’t upset that I couldn’t do English at A-Level? I don’t know, maybe it was the bad English grades that’s tainted it for me, but I was fine with the fact I wasn’t doing English.

Not straight away though, I did feel a slight regret for enrolling at a school where I couldn’t do English, but the more I thought about it, the more I was fine with it, because… well, I’ll get back to that. (BOI this post is a shambles)

So, then it was a matter of what subject I would do instead of English Literature. Immediately, I picked Government & Politics.

GaP was the subject I had originally picked at the other school, instead of Drama, as they had 4 A Levels, then you drop one for A2, instead of the linear ones most schools are  doing. I had changed it to Drama, mainly because I was scared. I was scared of what we would be learning in the subject and having to put the lessons in to examination. Nonetheless, I bit the bullet, and after reading up on the specification. It’s like the subject was made for me.

And, the more I thought about English, the more I realised that the reason I love Lit is because of the material we read and the essay writing. Well, no one told me I can’t read anymore, and GaP apparently has the most essay writing compared to other subjects, so I’m super excited about that (let’s see how long that lasts lol)

I also had a moment where I wanted to change Drama to Philosophy ’cause my mum made a comment about Drama and I started deeping the future, but then I had a talk with my dad and he put things in to perspective. It was wayyy longer than that, but I don’t want to get in to that right now.

To sum up, I’m doing Psychology, Government & Politics and Drama A-Levels, subjects that  I’m super stoked for, at a sixth form that I am now looking forward to going to immensely. And none of this would’ve  happened if I didn’t get the grades that I did, otherwise I would’ve ended up at a sixth form that I knew from the start I was going to hate – I just applied because it’s a good school, its a 5 minute walk from my house, everyone wants to go there and my brother went there until he blew his life up but that’s another story 🙂 – doing subjects that, turns out, I really don’t care for. It’s funny how quickly things can change, but if you keep telling yourself “everything happens for a reason”, then it will all work out in the end. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

And as for my neighbour… imagine living next door- nay, A BLOODY WALL away from someone since you were 3, go to the same primary school as him, but go to different secondary schools and barely speak to him for 5 years, only to find out that he’s going to the same sixth form as you and might be in one of your classes, not to mention that him and my brother are like brothers, whereas I don’t have any kind of good relationship at all with my own brother. Pretty damn awkward, right? :/

All in all, I start school in 10 days (a week later than everyone else) and I can’t tell if I’m nervous, excited or both. Probably both. I like the fact that I have this as a platform for me to look back on and see how different my life was or how I thought my life would be in the future. Who knows, I might not like my sixth form, I might not like my subjects, I might not even make it to the end of year 12. (Inshallah, I do).

Really, I’m just happy that I finally finished this post! 😀